Power Animals

Power Animals

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shamanic poetry

Sometimes Shamans write poetry. 
For me poetry starts to flow  when the world becomes too harsh  to bear and my soul recoils from it
or when I hear a majestic piece of music 
or when  I see the beauty of this stupendous world we live in. 
So I listen to my soul 
and I write what I hear:

Here  are some poems I wrote years ago:

 The Pain Of All Creatures

The pain of all creatures
enters me,it enlarges my heart,
it makes my soul cry.

I search for  tenderness;
the scent of honey suckle,
the warm summer wind,
the white moon light.

My lips are parched
from the pain of all endings.
I am the wind,
I am a leaf in a tree,
I am a blade of grass waiting for the dew.

peter salomone-July 2000

La Luce del Giorno e' dura

Sembianza d'immagine astratta,
contrappunto di carne  e di dolore.
Posato sullo sugli alberi, nudo,
la maschera di attore mi vesto.

Lascia che io stia vicino te Signore,
perche fa tanto freddo
e la luce del giorno, e' dura

peter salomone-May 1998

Prayer For Healing the Earth and it's Waters.

Prayer for healing the Earth-By Joseph Smith

Joseph, Smith, a member of our Shamanic Circle, sent me this prayer. Since I find it very powerful and moving I wanted to share it with you.

Here is that prayer that I wrote for the earth and the water of the earth. I ended up adding a lot more then I thought I would have so anyways here it is.

Grandfather Creator, Let us return to the ways of living in unity with Mother Earth, our animal relative, the walking, swimming, and the flying.  Allow us to see and realize what we do to the earth will return to us. We come to ask our Power Animals, the Compassionate Spirits, the Protectors of the land and water, to forgive us of our ways.  May we come to see the world in A new light, Allow us to open and see with our heart not our mind.  We send loving, gratitude, and Healing Energy to the waters of our world, to all the animals that live, drink and depend on the water of the World. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, seagulls, fish, shell fish, plankton, coral, and all the many more.  Forgive us of our human ways, help us understand that we are part of the circle of life.  Teach us to love, respect, and care for our earth as we love, respect, and care for others, so that we may come to live as one with the world.  We love everything Mother Earth has provided, the water, the land, the plants and animals that give of themselves to feed us.  We give thanks for everything we have come to understand. Thank You for allowing us to open our hearts, and to pass on this prayer for our earth.

Thanks for your time and if you feel it should be passed on then please send to all other people of the circle.

Joseph Smith.

We need to know our enemies

"Fear and Doubt are our worst enemies.Although we need to respect them, it's important to know that they are not invincible and must be conquered"